Dr.Melvin Chia

Clinic Director

Dr Melvin Chia has a passion for many fields of advanced dentistry, like Smile Makeover, Orthodontics, Dental Implants, Laser Dentistry and Wisdom Teeth Surgery.

“Aesthetic work requires a keen eye for beauty and what makes things beautiful.
Only by knowing what is beautiful, can one make something more beautiful.”

Believing that dentistry is more of an art than a science, he derives satisfaction in perfecting his skills in a field where learning never ends. With his attention to details and meticulousness in his craft, Dr Melvin Chia provides the best advice on how to achieve a youthful and attractive smile, based on his patients’ expectations and budget. Correcting tooth proportions, redesigning the smile line, and other aesthetic elements are just some of the considerations for a Smile Makeover.

Dr Melvin Chia strongly believes in creating a smile that best complements the patient’s face by customising his dental treatments.